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Do I Have a Wrongful Death Case?

Wrongful death is a circumstance where wrongdoing or negligence results in the death of a person. These kinds of situations are hard to handle, even more so when you are not sure if a wrongful death can be claimed at all. In such cases, you need a professional on your side; someone who is ready […]Read More

Understanding Federal Drug Charges in Our Fast-Changing Landscape

Canada was recently in the news when it became the second country to allow the legal consumption of marijuana. Although the Cannabis Act was passed the Canadian Senate on June 21, consumption won’t begin until October 17, according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Canada’s changing cannabis laws reflect what took place across the United States […]Read More

Three Questions You Might Have After a Probation Violation

One common issue dealt with by criminal defense lawyers include probation violations. The repercussions for this can differ depending on original charges, the judge, and the particular violation committed. It is crucial to present the best arguments in court. At Aranda Law Firm we can provide you with the best counsel on how to handle […]Read More

A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help

Riding a motorcycle definitely offers more freedom while traveling on the open road. Motorcyclist love your freedom and adrenaline rush that comes with every single ride. However, riding a motorcycle also offers significantly less safety. On top of that, many vehicle drivers don’t understand the importance of sharing the road. Motorcycle accidents tend to be […]Read More

What to do After Your Teenager Has a Car Accident

When you first receive the call your stomach turns flips. You may get dizzy and your lips may go numb from holding your breath. But, rest assured, there are steps you can take to make the situation better. Unfortunately, according to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, about 20 to 50  million people get […]Read More

How Can a DWI Attorney Help?

When you have been convicted of a DWI your situation may seem hopeless. Many people think that their only option is to plead guilty and hope for the best. However, a DWI attorney can help. Getting charged dropped or lessened and plea bargains are definite options in most cases. With only a court appointed attorney […]Read More

Working With a Divorce Lawyer

It’s no secret that going through a divorce is hard. If things are not done right both parties and children could end up worse off than they started. Working with the right lawyer can make a world of a difference. We have a few tips that can help make the process a little less stressful. […]Read More

Healing After a Dog Attack – A Dog Bite Attorney Can Help

Anyone who has been attacked by a dog knows all too well that the trauma can last for years. Nerve damage, physical pain, visible scars, emotional trauma, and financial issues are all problems that victims face. This is a very unfortunate situation to be in, especially when the attack wasn’t your fault. While some wounds […]Read More

How Can a Probation Violation Attorney Help?

If you have violated your probation in any way the road ahead of you may look hopeless. However, there are actions you can take to make the situation better. Enlisting the help of a probation violation attorney can help you get back on track. The burden of proof is usually lower in a court hearing […]Read More

Now Is The Best Time To Speak With a DWI Attorney

Johnny G. wasn’t thinking too clearly when he decided to get behind the wheel of his great uncle’s motorized recliner. You see, Johnny had had more than a few bottles of alcohol whilst celebrating Thanksgiving with his extended family. Since everyone else at the family reunion was over 50, Johnny decided to drown his sorrows […]Read More