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Wrongful Death Attorney in El Paso

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death describes an event where negligence or wrongdoing results in an untimely death. When this happens, the responsible party can be held accountable for the damages. Those responsible can also be held accountable for any losses the family members or any dependents have incurred. Wrongful death may occur after an 18-wheeler accident, pedestrian accident, car collision, or drunk driving accident. Although these claims may seem complicated, the Aranda Law Firm is here to help.

Getting Legal Help Quickly

When a wrongful death occurs, victims can place a lawsuit in the event that negligence or a breached legal duty was the cause of death against:

  • businesses
  • individuals
  • government agencies

Plaintiffs will have to prove how the death occurred and will have to demonstrate the full extent of the damages that occurred as a being the direct result of the untimely death. The Aranda Law Firm can assist victims through the legal process. It is important to get legal help as soon as possible. This way, we can obtain and preserve more evidence and we’ll be able to make a solid case for you.

How A Wrongful Death Attorney Resolves Your Claim

In many cases, wrongful death claims find resolutions without the need of full court action. The plaintiff and the defendant- or more likely the insurer of the defendant who caused the death- will negotiate an out-of-court settlement. Upon acceptance of a settlement, the case will be resolved permanently. It is important, for this reason, to speak with an attorney before you sign any settlement paperwork. If no settlement is reached, then the case will be decided by a jury and the plaintiff will need to prove how the death occured and the extent of losses and damages. Here at the Aranda Law Firm, we can provide invaluable assistance with settlement negotiation and wrongful death litigation. Contact us today.