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Criminal Defense Attorney in El Paso

Being charged with a criminal offense in El Paso, Texas or in New Mexico can be a frightening experience, especially if you are an otherwise law-abiding resident. A conviction for a crime can have serious repercussions that can follow you for months or even years. Aside from a potential jail or prison sentence, you may be assessed thousands of dollars in fines and costs, be placed on court supervision for a period of years, be ordered to complete certain treatment or counseling programs, lose your driver’s license or professional certifications, and/or may face immigration consequences that include deportation. Following a criminal conviction, you may fall into disrepute in your community or at your workplace.

Prosecutors in Texas and New Mexico wield an immense power over criminal defendants. An experienced and tenacious criminal defense attorney can help ensure your rights as a criminal defendant are respected and potentially avoid some or all of the consequences of a conviction. Contact the Aranda Law Firm in El Paso at (915) 201-0432 or in New Mexico at (575) 386-5100 to learn how the services of a criminal defense lawyer can help you in your case.
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Types of Crimes We Handle

There are three basic categories of crimes, and the Aranda Law Firm is experienced in helping clients charged with any of these types of crimes or any combination thereof:

  • Class C Misdemeanors are the least serious type of offense and are usually punished by a fine. Traffic violations are a common type of infraction. Despite being the least serious type of offense, a conviction for an infraction may affect any licenses you may have, including your driver’s license.
  • Class B and A Misdemeanors are the next most-serious type of offense. Conviction for a misdemeanor will usually result in the imposition of a fine and a jail sentence, which may or may not be suspended. If the jail sentence is suspended, you will likely be placed on probation. Certain types of misdemeanors can impact your ability to obtain certain jobs or federal financial assistance.
  • Felonies are the most serious type of offense. If you are convicted of a felony in Texas or New Mexico, you may be ordered to serve time in prison. Even if your prison sentence is suspended, you will likely be placed on supervised probation. A felony on your criminal record is viewed very negatively by most employers, and it may be absolutely disqualifying for certain types of employment.

The Role of a Criminal Defense Attorney

The role of a criminal defense attorney, in any case, is a complex one: including to help ensure that you experience as few of the ramifications of a criminal conviction as possible and that your rights are protected and properly asserted throughout the process. This means that you can expect your criminal defense attorney to:

  • Thoroughly review and evaluate the prosecution’s case against you: In a criminal case, it is the prosecutor’s obligation to present proof that you did, in fact, commit a crime by producing evidence and testimony that convinces the factfinder of your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A criminal defense attorney can scour the police reports, affidavits, and other evidence and in so doing expose places in the prosecution’s case where reasonable doubt exists.
  • Investigate and present affirmative defenses: Even if you committed a crime, you may have one or more defenses available that will excuse your conduct. Any affirmative defenses you may have must be established by evidence you present through your attorney. Your criminal defense lawyer can help you in locating witnesses and evidence necessary to establish your defenses.
  • Protecting your rights: As a criminal defendant, you have a number of rights that must be respected throughout the criminal justice process. If the prosecutor or court violates your rights (for example, by withholding exculpatory information from you or your attorney, conducting a search or eliciting a confession in violation of the law, or by refusing to allow you to testify in your defense at your trial), then any conviction entered against you may be set aside.

The sooner you retain experienced and knowledgeable legal assistance, the more your criminal defense lawyer will be able to assist you.

Contact the Aranda Law Firm Today

The experienced and dedicated criminal defense team at the Aranda Law Firm is ready to bring its knowledge and resources to help you with your Texas or New Mexico criminal charges. Contact the Aranda Law Firm in El Paso at (915) 201-0432, or contact our New Mexico office at (575) 386-5100.