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False Accusations and Protective Orders in El Paso

false accusations

Protective orders are in place to keep victims of abuse safe from their abusers. Even though this legal ramification tends to work well in most cases, there are many instances where people receive false accusations of abuse. In an abusive relationship, the victim can accuse the abuser and file for a restraining or protective order against him or her.

Defending Yourself Against False Accusations

Protective orders are a common and helpful legal choice for anyone living in an abusive relationship. However, people can also be falsely accused of abuse and receive restraining or protective orders. If you are a victim of a false accusations, you need to find legal assistance as soon as possible.

There are instances where people falsely accuse their spouse or partner of abuse when the accuser is the abuser in the relationship. If you have received a false accusation, you must find legal assistance as soon as possible. This way, you can avoid further negative implications.

Dealing With Protective Orders

False abuse accusations can make life incredibly difficult. If you’ve received an abuse accusation, you may receive a temporary restraining order. When this occurs, you will be unable to be anywhere near your children. A temporary restraining order could quickly turn into a permanent order. Restraining orders can do more than halt you from being anywhere near your children. The person who filed for the restraining order, also known as the “holder,” can have you arrested at any time. An arrest can occur whenever, even if there is no evidence of abuse or violence. If someone has a restraining order against you, you’re at constant risk of arrest. In most cases, the court will grant the holder his or her child’s custody. This could be incredibly devastating if your spouse was the abuser in the relationship and they are given complete custody of your child.

Get Help From An Attorney

If you have received an abuse accusation and you desire to contest it, we can assist you. At the Aranda Law Firm, we provide representation in cases of false accusations. Protective orders can impact a person’s life, and affect custody proceedings. Don’t let false accusations bring heartbreak and despair into your life. The Aranda Law Firm can offer the legal counsel you require in this time of need. Contact us today to learn more.