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Protective Orders in El Paso

protective orders

A judge may grant a protective order when an incident of family violence has occured and there is a likelihood of it occuring again. When a protective order is in place, the alleged abuser may not be able to approach the victim. In some cases, protective orders stop alleged abusers from approaching significant others, family, or pets that belong to the victim.

Protective orders may not allow alleged abusers to stay in a family home when there is a protective order in place. The Aranda Law Firm provides invaluable assistance in situations where an order of protection may be necessary.

How Victims of Abuse can Find Security

Victims can obtain protective orders at any time. This is even included on an emergency basis. If you are a victim seeking a protective order, you will need to provide information on the identity of the alleged abuser and concrete information on the pattern of abuse that necessitates the protective order.
Physical violence, threats, emotional and psychological abuse are some examples of abusive behavior that can result in the issuing of protective orders. So, if a judge believes there is enough evidence to suggest that abuse is occurring, a protective order will begin. The alleged abuser, however, will have the opportunity to try to challenge any allegations.

Getting Help With Protective Orders

If you are a victim of domestic violence and you need assistance in obtaining a protective order, we can help. The Aranda Law Firm is ready to help you get the protection you and your loved ones deserve. Contact us today.