What are the Most Common Cars Involved in Accidents?

July 25, 2016 Leave a comment

two cars in the early spring morning that were in an accidentA car accident attorney can provide help to any victims of automobile accidents. This can include personal injury or wrongful death claims. The key to these cases is determining who is at fault for causing the accident. Typically, car issues (faulty brakes, blind spots) are blamed for accidents.  In these cases, the types of cars involved are examined. The type of cars involved can be a big factor, especially if the driver at fault couldn’t control the vehicle or was unfamiliar with how to drive it. 

The Myth of Dangerous SUVs

Traditionally, SUVs were some of the most dangerous kinds of cars. This was due to their tendency to roll over during accidents, potentially causing further injuries.   Due to their top heavy design, SUVs and similar vehicles had a higher risk for rollover accidents.  However, SUVs are now safer due to new regulations that are designed to prevent fewer people from being seriously hurt or killed in rollover accidents.

Car Accidents are Caused by Driversgavel and pommel made of dark wood against a black background

Collectively, safety statistics and research have diminished one specific care type from causing accidents. However, drivers are ultimately to blame for car accidents, saving special circumstances. When we get on the road, we are taking on an inherent responsibility to keep ourselves and other drivers safe. Despite this, the most common cause of car accidents is human error. Unfortunately, no matter the reason for the car accident, injuries are always a potential result.

Getting Help from a Car Accident Attorney

No matter what kind of car or truck hit your vehicle in El Paso, the Aranda Law Firm can help you. We assist you in evaluating the crash cause and pursuing a claim for full compensation if you can prove the other driver was at fault. If the driver failed to address a manufacturer’s recall or issue, the make and model of the car become relevant. The Aranda Law Firm can offer assistance and advice to all victims in determining who to pursue a case against and in making the strongest claim possible. Contact us today for help.

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How to Handle Probation Violations Correctly

July 18, 2016 Leave a comment

a probation attorney from Aranda Law Firm can help you avoid these handcuffsAny probation violation attorney will tell you that probation violations are a huge risk to your conditional release. To clarify, probation a punishment used for convicted crimes that allows you to avoid or minimize jail time. As a result, these parameters are usually a condition for release and violating them carry serious consequences. In spite of this, violations to probation still occur on a regular basis. The right choice for people accused of violating their probation is to hire reliable an experienced legal representation. Aranda Law Firm can help you to decide on the best course of action in El Paso and the surrounding areas.

How to Handle a Claim You Violated Probation

The first thing to do when you are accused of a violation probation is to speak to an attorney.  They can review the violation claims, including the any evidence presented against you. At the Aranda Law Firm, our probation violation attorney will sit down and go over all the details with you. This way, we can advise you how best to respond and what arguments to make during a probation violation hearing.  Our law firm can represent you at your probation violation hearing. Ultimately, the goal is to avoid any consequences, or minimizing the consequences of an alleged probation violation.probation violation attorney helping out a client

The Right to Appeal Your Violation

The first thing to remember is that you have a right to address your probation violation in front of a judge. A hearing will be called when the probation violation cannot be settled or is of a more serious nature. Your attorney will prepare whatever defense you have agreed is best for your situation in the event of a hearing. In these cases, there are three common options to consider for defense.  One of your options is to try to show no violation occurred at all.  Another option is to try to argue that there is insufficient proof of the violation; specifically, by demonstrating that there is reasonable doubt.  Finally, a third option is to argue intent; essentially admitting the violation occurred, but showing extenuating circumstances.

Get Help from a Probation Violation Attorney

It is important to remember that any violation can be grounds to revoke your probation. Depending on your offense, the consequences can result in fines, added time to your probation, or even jail time. Speak with a probation violation attorney and begin building your defense to the accusations. Contact Aranda Law Firm today to handle probation violations. 

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Do You Sue the Driver or the Trucking Company?

July 11, 2016 Leave a comment

Semi truck going fast on interstate highway that may become involved in 18 wheeler accidentsAfter 18 wheeler accidents, victims or family members of people killed in the crash may want to determine if they can file a lawsuit. Victims can sue based on injuries sustained or fatalities that resulted from the accident by filing a personal injury or wrongful death suit. One of the first, and most common question involving 18 wheeler accidents is, “Who should I sue?” The Aranda Law Firm can help victims in El Paso and the surrounding areas determine who is liable and how to proceed.

 Who is Liable?

After 18 wheeler accidents, it can be difficult to discern who is liable. First you have to determine the cause of the accident. Both the driver and the company are potentially liable if the accident is proven to be caused by the driver’s neglect. There are federal and state regulations that both companies and drivers must follow to be considered safe on the road. If the driver ignored these regulations and caused an accident due to sleep deprivation, they can be held liable. If it was a mechanical issue or something to do with the cargo, etc., the company will be held liable.

The Price of Negligenceside view of car after minor 18 wheeler accidents

You can sue the trucking company by proving the company itself was negligent by failing in its policies or practices. In some cases, you may sue the company for the driver’s negligent actions if that is what caused the crash. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) require trucking companies to carry at least $750,000 in liability coverage. Trucking companies that are transporting dangerous materials are required to have $5 million in insurance coverage.  The high policy limits mean that you should always consult a lawyer before accepting any sort of insurance settlement. 

Getting Help After 18 Wheeler Accidents

Your life and your families lives are worth fighting for. Injuries sustained in these types of accidents can be life changing if they are serious. The Aranda Law Firm conducts a comprehensive evaluation of your case.  Contact us today if you’ve been involved in an 18 wheeler accident so we can help you make your case.

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Are Most Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Reckless Drivers?

July 5, 2016 Leave a comment

motorcyclist who will need a motorcycle accident attorney if they are ever in an accidentMotorcycle crashes have lots of different causes, which is when a motorcycle accident attorney should be consulted after you are involved in such an accident. Motorcycle drivers are a much smaller vehicle to share the road with, which is why drivers often do not see them. When drivers are unreasonably careless or violate any traffic regulations, they may be considered legally responsible for causing the crash. The Aranda Law Firm can help crash victims and their loved ones determine who is responsible for their accident. In doing so, we can then work on making a successful claim for monetary compensation.

Motorcycle Accidents in El Paso TX


Motorcyclist at Fault

Motorcycle accidents in El Paso and surrounding areas have many different causes. For example, the motorcycle rider going too fast, split lanes, or stop short can cause an accident. In these cases, we can help you prove it was the motorcyclist’s fault. Just because you are in a car doesn’t mean you can’t be injured in this type of crash. A motorcycle crash can result in many injuries, no matter who causes it.

Drivers at Faultexamples of an accident whose victims could use a motorcycle accident attorney

In many other situations, it is drivers who do the wrong thing and cause an accident to occur. Drivers are so commonly responsible for causing motorcycle accidents that there are numerous public safety campaigns such as Look Twice, Save a Life. These campaigns work towards trying to help drivers develop better safety practices when it comes to sharing the road with motorcycle riders.

Contacting a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Most motorcycle accidents are caused by reckless drivers on motorcycles and in cars. When reckless drivers collision, a motorcycle accident attorney should be consulted by the who was injured party in the accident or by family members. If a driver was negligent and caused the crash, it will be up to the petitioning parties to prove that recklessness led to the accident. Contact the Aranda Law Firm today to learn more about how we can help.

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Do You Have a Wrongful Death Claim?

June 27, 2016 1 comment

picture of legal books, pen, and glasses, which could all be used by a wrongful death attorneyWork accidents happen in El Paso everyday. If your father was killed in a work accident due to employer negligence, you need to contact a wrongful death attorney as soon as possible.  Aranda Law Firm will provide you with legal advice and guidance so you can understand what options you have for pursuing a claim for compensation after your fathers death. The employer should be held responsible for the irreplaceable loss your family has suffered and we can help.

Ask a Wrongful Death Attorney

When a death happens on-the-job, it is important to figure out if you have a valid claim against the employer. A wrongful death attorney can sort through the evidenceWrongful death attorney walking down a court hall and determine whether or not you have a claim. If you do, we can provide assistance in identifying third parties who may be appropriate defendants in a wrongful death claim.

Who Should You Sue for Damages?

While workerscompensation restricts the ability to sue an employer, a wrongful death claim can be filed if an employer willfully contributed to the fatality.  It is our job to provide the burden of proof in these cases. The sooner you file, the fresher evidence and eyewitness reports will be. There may also be many non-employers whose negligence played a role in causing the death. They also may be sued for wrongful death damages, including lost companionship and ongoing loss of the deceased’s income.

The untimely death of a family member can have significant and profound financial and emotional consequences on those who have been left behind. With the help of a wrongful death attorney in El Paso, surviving family members can use the legal system to obtain financial damages for both economic and non-financial losses. To learn more about wrongful death claims please contact Aranda Law Firm today.

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Slip and Fall Accidents- What You Should Know

June 21, 2016 Leave a comment

Businessman who may or may not need a slip and fall attorney after he trips on a banana peelA slip and fall attorney can provide you with assistance after you suffer an injury as a result of a fall. Premises liability laws in El Paso establish the rules for filing a lawsuit based on a fall. As long as your fall occurred outside of work, you will need to determine the defendant’s duty under premises liability rules. You will then need to make your claim for damages based on proving a breach of that duty. The Aranda Law Firm can help.

What to Know About Slip and Fall Injuries

Premises liability laws establish different categories of visitors, including invitees, licensees, and trespassers. If you are invited onto someone’s premises for the economic benefit of the property owner, the property owner owes you the highest duty under the law.  If you get injured in a slip and fall and can prove the property owner breached that dutya slip and fall attorney can help you like this hand is catching a falling business man, you can be compensated for resulting losses.  Licensees are owed an intermediate duty of care and trespassers are owed the least duty, but property owners still have some responsibilities.  Examples of situations where a property owner’s breach of duty may be considered the cause of a fall can include when debris is left in walkways or when there are stair railings that are broken.  A slip and fall attorney can help you get maintenance records and take eyewitness testimony. All of these things are essential to determine if a duty was breached.

Get Help from a Slip and Fall Attorney Today

The Aranda Law Firm can help you to determine if a property owner should be held responsible after you fall in El Paso or surrounding areas. Injuries sustained in accidents of this nature can range from moderate to severe. The financial burden of medical bills and loss of wages should not be yours to bear. Contact us today to learn more about how a slip and fall attorney can help you.

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What to Do After Suffering a Dog Bite

June 7, 2016 1 comment


Dog bite, puncture wound on human leg, the victim of which would benefit from a dog bite attorneyWhen you suffer a dog bite from an animal other than those you might own, there are two things to do immediately- get medical attention, then get the number of a good dog bite attorney. The dog could have rabies or could otherwise carry diseases that could be life threatening to you. Getting medical help could allow you to avoid getting seriously hurt. You may also need stitches or, in extreme cases, may require plastic surgery or may have broken bones. When you put together the severity of your injury and the financial mess medical bills can cause, you could hold the owner of the dog responsible. The Aranda Law Firm can help you to determine if you could have a case against the owner of the dog.

What Happens When You Suffer a Dog Bite

When you get a dog bite, you can get compensation from the dog’s owner under certain circumstances. An dog bite attorney can help you to determine if you qualify to make aBeware of dog sign with some vivid colors which could prevent the need for a dog bite attorney damage claim. Usually, it is the homeowner’s or renter’s insurance of the dog’s owner who ends up negotiating with you on whether to pay your bite injury claim and it is the insurer who ends up actually paying the bill. If the insurer offers you a reasonable settlement, always consult with your dog bite attorney to make sure the amount is fair. This means you will be compensated an agreed-upon amount, but will need to sign a waiver of future liability and won’t be able to make any further claims.  You could also take your case to court if you and your attorney find that the amount offered is not fair. A dog bite attorney can help to determine what your best course of action is if you are the victim of a dog bite in El Paso or surrounding areas.

Getting Help from a Dog Bite Attorney

At the Aranda Law Firm, you will find a dog bite attorney who is well versed in personal injury law. We will sit down with you, get the facts, and advise you on the best course of action. Suffering from a dog bite incident can result in moderate to severe injuries. Instead of dealing with them on your own, contact us as soon as possible after your accident so we can help.

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How to Appeal for an Expunction of Records

May 23, 2016 Leave a comment

Handcuffs and Folder holding expunction of records petitionExpunction of records refers to the process wherein a person, under certain circumstances, can petition the court to have their arrest record, charged crime or even certain convictions erased.    When your records are expunged, there is no history of the alleged criminal acts which you were accused of committing. Your record is clear of any wrong doing, and you can deny it occurring.  Unfortunately, for people who have been arrested in El Paso or surrounding areas, Texas law allows expunction of records only under very limited circumstances. The Aranda Law Firm can help you to determine whether your records could be expunged and can assist with the process of applying. Expunction of records is different than a non-disclosure.  The Aranda Law Firm can help you with both matters.

How to Apply for Expunction of Records

To apply for expunction of records, you must meet the criteria. You can only have records expunged if:

  • you were arrested but never convicted of a crime
  • the charges against you were dismissed
  • if you were a juvenile and the offense was a qualifying misdemeanor
  • if your offense was a minor one involving alcohol
  • if you were arrested for certain other minor offenses
  • if you were pardoned
  • if you were acquitted by the Criminal Court of AppealsGrungy Blank Police Criminal Record File And Photo to proceed to expunction of records

You cannot have your records expunged if you received a deferred adjudication, if you got probation, or under certain other circumstances.  Aranda Law Firm can help you understand if expunction of records is an option for you. If you qualify, you will need to apply for a petition of expunction. A hearing will be scheduled, you’ll give input, and the court may grant your petition if you meet the requirements.

Getting Help With Expunction of Records

It is a good idea to get help with expunction of records if you want to ensure you maximize your chances of getting your name cleared. Contact Aranda Law Firm to learn more about how our El Paso firm can help you.

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When to Call a Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

May 9, 2016 1 comment

a glass of liquor and keys, the owner of which will probably need a drunk driving accident attorney

You should call a drunk driving accident attorney as soon as you have been involved in a collision while driving under the influence.  A defendant who has been accused of causing a DWI accident can face very substantial charges, which could result in a long jail sentence and multiple fines. You need to do everything possible to try to reduce the penalties that could go along with conviction for causing such an accident in El Paso or surrounding areas. The Aranda Law Firm provides legal representation to defendants who have been accused of driving drunk, including in situations where accidents occurred.

How a Drunk Driving Accident Attorney Can Defend Youman sitting in front of beer glass, which might lead to him needing a drunk driving accident attorney

A drunk driving accident in El Paso can result in much more serious penalties than a simple DWI conviction, especially if anyone was hurt or killed. Not only could you be charged with a DWI, but you could also face additional charges for manslaughter or for causing serious bodily injury with a vehicle.  A drunk driving accident attorney can provide an effective defense by making it impossible for a prosecutor to meet the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. You can do this in a number of different ways, including having experts testify that you weren’t drunk or didn’t cause the accident. Another strategy is to raise doubts about whether evidence was properly handled in your DWI case. Aranda Law Firm can help you to devise the right legal strategy, always working towards the best outcome for your case.

Contact a Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

Aranda Law Firm is here to help you as soon as you have been accused of involvement in an accident while driving drunk. Our legal services include personal injury law, criminal defense, and more.  Contact us today to speak with a drunk driving accident attorney for more information.

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Why are Federal Drug Charges are Different?

April 25, 2016 Leave a comment

handcuffs and drugs that can mean federal drug charges for anyone

Federal drug charges can be different from state level drug charges for many different reasons. One of the biggest things that a defendant who has been charged with a drug crime needs to be aware of is that a federal charge can usually result in a much longer prison sentence. Further, if you are convicted, your sentence will be served in federal rather than state prison.  You need an attorney with serious experience defending against federal drug charges when you have been charged on the federal level. The Aranda Law Firm can help.

Federal Drug Charges are Serious

Both the federal government and state government can pursue drug crimes cases. However, the federal government usually gets involved only in cases involving drug trafficking or the sale of large volumes of controlled substances. When you are charged with a federal crime, you may face mandatory minimum sentences. The federal penal code imposes long sentences based on the volume of the drug in your possession. This means someone who is very involved in the drug trade- like a low level street dealer- could face the same severe charges as a drug kingpin. This is due to the fact that mandatory minimum sentences focus only on type and amount of controlled substance and not your actual criminal acts.  In many cases, federal prosecutors will end up threatening you with charges carrying lengthy mandatory minimum sentences in order to try to get you to agree to a plea deal.  Aranda Law Firm can help you to decide if a plea bargain is right for you or if you can fight federal drug charges.

Getting Help With Federal Drug Charges

Our law firm is familiar with federal drug charges and have the knowledge to help. The sooner you call our law firm after your arrest, the better we can help you with your legal problems. Aranda Law Firm helps clients in El Paso and surrounding areas who have been charged with drug crimes. Contact us today for more information.


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