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Let’s Talk About Motorcycles On The Road

You’ve seen the bumper stickers urging drivers to always look twice for those driving motorcycles. Motorcycle drivers are easy to miss. This fact causes many motorcycle accidents. Car drivers will claim that some motorcyclists think they rule the road. They will tell you that they swerve in and out of traffic, ultimately setting themselves up […]

18 Wheeler Accidents – The Low Down

It happened to you. You got in an accident and now you’re at a loss with what steps you should take after the fact. Although everyone attempts to be careful on the road while driving, accidents are bound to happen. 18 wheeler accidents happen frequently. The drivers must follow certain rules and regulations after an […]

When to Seek a Personal Injury Attorney

Take a moment to imagine a few of life’s simple, beautiful moments: The sound of heavy rain. The visually-striking, watercolor sunset. The scent of chocolate chip cookies, fresh out of the oven. That first sip of morning coffee. The warmth of the sun’s rays. These seemingly insignificant moments of time make up the days and weeks […]

How a DWI Attorney Can Help You

If you have been pulled over and tested for blood alcohol level, chances are you were fined with a charge for driving while intoxicated, or DWI for short. This can mean a number of legal issues for you. If you think you do not deserves these charges, then consider hiring a DWI attorney. They understand […]

Consider Consulting with a Car Accident Attorney

There is nothing like that windows down, sunshine in your face, music blasting, fast and free road-trip feeling. It is incredibly liberating to be able to drive wherever and whenever we want. A world of possibilities opens up to us when we get behind the wheel of our vehicles.  Have you recently been in a […]

Rising Car Accident Rates – How Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Car accident rates are going up. This means you should be prepared and understand what happens if you get hurt in a collision. A personal injury attorney at Aranda Law Firm helps you to make a claim if you get into an auto accident. You should be aware of rising accident rates and ready to […]

How a Car Accident Attorney Helps Prepare a Case

If you are trying to pursue a claim for compensation after a collision, you need a car accident attorney to help you. Claims could find resolutions in court, or outside of court if a settlement negotiation process is successful and victims are offered fair compensation from an insurer. Whether a claim is resolved through settlement […]

18 Wheeler Accidents and Driving Logs

When 18 wheeler accidents happen, you want to obtain driving logs. Truckers typically must keep a log of time spent on duty. If a truck driver is on duty for too long, the trucker could get tired. This fatigue could contribute to causing accidents. You need to know if a trucker’s tiredness was the cause of […]

What if a Motorcycle Accident is Partly Your Fault?

If you were in a motorcycle crash and were partly to blame, you have to talk with a motorcycle accident attorney right away. Even if you share fault for causing the accident, you may still be entitled to compensation. Aranda Law Firm can provide you with help. With legal assistance, you can determine your legal […]

Does It Cost A Lot to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Many people who have been hurt know they can benefit from working with a personal injury attorney. When you receive an injury, you should pursue a claim against another person or company. In doing so, their insurer usually defends the claim and pays damages. Insurers employ experts to defend them, so having an attorney allows victims […]