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18 Wheeler Accidents and Hazardous Materials

18 wheeler accidents are always dangers. This is because 18 wheelers are the larges vehicles on the streets. Victims could be badly hurt if a crash happens. This is mostly because the size of the 18 wheeler means the collision will have significant force. However, some El Paso accidents involving 18 wheelers can be more high-risk […]

Four Possible Defendants in a Motorcycle Accident Case

A motorcycle accident attorney can help victims that sustained injuries explore their legal options. Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries due to the lack of protection a motorcycle provides. As a result, these injuries can be expensive and require much more extensive medical care. An attorney can help you find out who is responsible […]

3 Benefits of Obtaining an Expunction of Records

An expunction of records after being convicted of crime or being arrested in El Paso can be life changing. A criminal record will follow you throughout your entire life and it rarely has benefits. At the Aranda Law Firm, we know how difficult it can be to start fresh if you have even the smallest […]

The Top Consequences for Federal Drug Charges

Federal drug charges in El Paso come with dire consequences if not handled properly. When it comes to federal drug charges, the central government has mandatory minimum penalties. That means you can get a long time in prison for even a minor infraction. In the course of our longstanding experience with the federal law, the […]

How Does a DUI Affect My Record?

If you are facing DUI charges in El Paso, it is paramount that you have a drunk driving accident attorney on your side. Most people are aware of only a few of the immediate consequences of a DWI conviction. For example jail time, probation, AA, a suspended driver’s license, and installation of an alcohol home […]

5 Quick DWI Facts You Should Know

In El Paso, many residents are in need of a DWI attorney after a pull over occurs. Every year, law experts at Aranda Law Firm deal with thousands of DWI cases. Therefore, they have thorough experience in this field of law. It is for this reason that we shall provide you with startling facts about DWIs […]

How Long Can a Personal Injury Case Take?

A personal injury attorney in El Paso can help you to seek financial compensation in case of an accident. However, you must prove that negligence by another person was the cause.  Both individuals and companies can be held liable for any injuries you sustain.  The Aranda Law Firm has helped many victims of personal injuries […]

5 Common Offenses that Require a Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal defense attorney helps with any kind of offense that results in your arrest. However, there are some crimes which are much more common than others. Finding the right legal representation is extremely important. It is imperative that your criminal defense lawyer you hire has experience representing people accused of a similar violation. The […]

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Gathers Information

A criminal defense attorney provides legal representation to defendants throughout the El Paso area. During an arrest, you have the right to contact an attorney. If your charges are serious, you don’t want to waste time; you need to find good legal representation as soon as possible. One of the most important things that an attorney […]

How a Car Accident Attorney Helps After a Fatal Accident

When a fatal auto accident happens, a car accident attorney can help find justice for the victim and their family. A good attorney helps the surviving family fight for compensation to help their new financial situation. The loss of a loved one in a deadly car accident can be a terrible tragedy. Unfortunately, financial complications can […]