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  • A Personal Injury Attorney in El Paso Committed to Justice

  • The pain and suffering experienced by personal injury victims can range from moderate to excruciating. Since it’s impossible to go back in time to prevent these accidents, you can do the next best thing: let The Aranda Law Firm represent your interests!

Trust The Aranda Law Firm

The Aranda Law Firm’s focus is simple: Helping our El Paso, New Mexico, and Arizona clients achieve the most favorable results possible in their personal injury and criminal cases. Whether you need a firm to assist you in filing a claim for compensation against a negligent driver or a careless property owner, or you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, the Aranda Law Firm utilizes its knowledge and resources to help our clients conclude their legal matters in a timely and positive manner.

The Aranda Law Firm can assist residents in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona with their personal injury cases or criminal charges. Call our El Paso office right away at (915) 201-0432, or call (575) 386-5100 for our New Mexico office, and enlist the Aranda Law Firm to help you in your case.

Assistance for Injury Victims in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona

Unfortunately, injury accidents happen every day throughout the Southwest. A car crash, a slip and fall at the grocery store, or a workplace mishap can not only ruin your day, they can result in you or your loved one experiencing a significant amount of pain and facing considerable expenses. The law permits you to seek monetary compensation from a person or entity who contributed to your injuries through the person’s or entity’s own carelessness. The Aranda Law Firm has years of experience in handling personal injury claims resulting from:

  • Car crashes, motorcycle crashes, or bicycle wrecks;
  • Pedestrian collisions, in which a pedestrian is struck by a motor vehicle or motorcycle and seriously injured thereby;
  • Premises liability claims, where a property owner failed to take reasonable measures to protect others lawfully present on his or her property from injury due to hazards or dangerous conditions;
  • Workplace accidents;
  • Dog bites;
  • Construction site accidents;
  • Other accidents resulting in serious injuries such as broken bones, spine or neck injuries, and/or traumatic brain injuries; and/or
  • Wrongful death, where a person’s or entity’s careless or reckless acts leads to the death of your loved one.

Laws in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona give personal injury victims a limited amount of time within which to file a claim seeking damages. If an injury victim fails to file his or her claim within this timeframe, then the victim may be forever barred from obtaining any compensation from the at-fault party or parties. However, a successful personal injury lawsuit can result in a damages award that helps the victim pay for his or her:

  • Medical bills and expenses;
  • Lost wages due to time missed from work;
  • Loss of future earning potential;
  • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish;
  • Other economic and noneconomic losses.

Attorney Marco Aranda and the Aranda Law Firm are a powerful and persuasive voice for personal injury victims.

Experienced Defense Services for Those Charged with Crimes

A criminal conviction in Texas, New Mexico, or Arizona can result in the assessment of thousands of dollars in fines and legal costs, the imposition of jail and/or prison sentences, and/or placement with a probation office for a period of supervision. However, there may be other collateral consequences to a criminal conviction, including:

  • Suspension or revocation of driving privileges or other licenses;
  • Denial of licensure for certain professions, such as attorneys or medical professionals;
  • Immigration consequences, which may include deportation;
  • Denial of admittance into college or other institutions of learning or federal financial assistance.

In a criminal proceeding, the potential stakes for you – the defendant – are high. Your freedom, your finances, and your future are all in jeopardy. The prosecutor handling your case is focused on obtaining a conviction regardless of the personal cost you may experience as a result. For this reason, you need a strong and steady advocate in your corner to fight back against the prosecutor’s case against you. Your criminal defense lawyer will fight to ensure that the prosecution has met its burden of proving your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In addition, your criminal defense lawyer may be able to:

  • Have illegally-obtained evidence omitted from court proceedings;
  • Require the prosecution to retry your case; and/or
  • Have the criminal charges against you thrown out without the ability to have those charges refiled against you.

Contact the Aranda Law Firm Today for Assistance

Residents of Texas, Arizona, or New Mexico who have been injured by the careless acts of another or who are facing criminal charges should contact the Aranda Law Firm right away for professional, experienced, and dedicated legal representation and counsel. Call our El Paso office at (915) 201-0432, or reach out to our New Mexico office at (575) 386-5100.

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  • Olga M.

    I can assure you, you will not be disappointed with the Aranda Law Firm. Mr. Aranda is just wonderful and will take time and meet with you personally regarding your case. Him and his staff are professional and very good at what they do. I recommend you give him a call today!

  • Arturo B.

    During my first meeting with Mr. Aranda, he gave me a complete overview of the process and how my case would likely progress. I immediately felt like I was at ease and much more secure with my situation. During my case, all of my calls were returned and the staff always kept me up-to-date and […]

  • Lee R.

    Mr. Aranda effortlessly handled my case. He has a confidence that immediately puts you at ease and I trusted that he would do a great job. He has a professional staff that are great at what they do and always keep me up-to-date with the progress they’re making. I would suggest that you consider giving […]

  • Aaron J.

    Mr. Aranda’s methodology was amazingly dependable! This provided me with specific serenity and comfort as he fielded the responses in court. And he was extremely proficient in his adaptability to my needs. I will propose to him for any person who needs his services!

  • Matthew N.

    Awesome attorney! I had never had to work with a lawyer before, but from the first meeting with Mr. Aranda I knew I had made the right decision. He obviously cared about me and my case, and was very welcoming anytime I needed to consult with him. His dedication to his job and clients is very evident to me.

  • Cynthia C.

    I felt very comfortable and confident the first time I met with Mr. Aranda concerning my case. I'll admit, I was very nervous, but Mr. Aranda's confidence reassured me. I felt that the outcome was just what I expected and more! Mr. Aranda exceeded my expectations and I am very appreciative to him. Thank you Mr. Aranda!

  • Leslie W.

    My experience with Mr. Aranda was great and positive. Him along with his staff were wonderful. I had a very difficult case and he was very helpful. He worked with us and never failed to follow up on everything that was going on. He never kept us in the dark and I really liked that.

  • Ruben M.

    Estoy muy contento con sus servicios y con los resultados de mi caso. Después de consultar con varios abogados en El Paso, El señor Aranda me trató muy diferente y mejor que los demás. Fue muy buena persona conmigo y, sobre todo, muy amable. Más que contento, estoy muy agradecido por la ayuda del señor Aranda y sus empleados. Fueron muy atentos y siempre me tenían informado durante todo el proceso. Siempre voy contactar a Aranda Law Firm si vuelve a suceder algún problema.