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  • A Personal Injury Attorney Committed to Justice

  • The pain and suffering experienced by personal injury victims can range from moderate to excruciating. Since it’s impossible to go back in time to prevent these accidents, you can do the next best thing: let The Aranda Law Firm represent your interests!

Trust The Aranda Law Firm

Personal injury accidents can often result in a lawsuit or a settlement order to help victims recover from the aftermath. The Aranda Law Firm provides the qualified representation you deserve. As a result, we are passionate about representing personal injury victims.

The Aranda Law Firm can help if you have suffered through any of these accidents: Car Accidents, 18 Wheeler Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Slip and Fall Accidents, Dog Bite Accidents, Work Related Accidents, Product Defect Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents and Construction Accidents.

Experience and Skill in the Southwest

The Aranda Law Firm understands that good legal representation is a priority. Your case will be in the hands of a firm that is highly experienced in representing many different types of cases. We have the skills that are important to achieve your best interests.

We provide legal representation in the following areas: Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, DWI/DUI, Family Law, and Divorce.

We offer our services throughout the Southwest. Although we are located in El Paso, TX, we are licensed to practice law in the following states: Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Let us know about your experience working with The Aranda Law firm.


  • Matthew N.

    Awesome attorney! I had never had to work with a lawyer before, but from the first meeting with Mr. Aranda I knew I had made the right decision. He obviously cared about me and my case, and was very welcoming anytime I needed to consult with him. His dedication to his job and clients is very evident to me.

  • Cynthia C.

    I felt very comfortable and confident the first time I met with Mr. Aranda concerning my case. I'll admit, I was very nervous, but Mr. Aranda's confidence reassured me. I felt that the outcome was just what I expected and more! Mr. Aranda exceeded my expectations and I am very appreciative to him. Thank you Mr. Aranda!

  • Leslie W.

    My experience with Mr. Aranda was great and positive. Him along with his staff were wonderful. I had a very difficult case and he was very helpful. He worked with us and never failed to follow up on everything that was going on. He never kept us in the dark and I really liked that.

  • Ruben M.

    Estoy muy contento con sus servicios y con los resultados de mi caso. Después de consultar con varios abogados en El Paso, El señor Aranda me trató muy diferente y mejor que los demás. Fue muy buena persona conmigo y, sobre todo, muy amable. Más que contento, estoy muy agradecido por la ayuda del señor Aranda y sus empleados. Fueron muy atentos y siempre me tenían informado durante todo el proceso. Siempre voy contactar a Aranda Law Firm si vuelve a suceder algún problema.